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Frans Nijhuis Home Page - Cool Dutch Buggy Site!

Central New Jersey Buggy Group - Nice stunt kite, but can you buggy with it? These guys are cool and they live to buggy....check out their site!

CobraKites - Dist. of Skytiger, Flexifoil, Buggies, etc. A very informative site. Ray Merrie is a legendary kite innovator. He co-invented the Flexifoil! Read about it on his site.

CloseHQ - A nice UK buggy site with great photos and how-to info

Sam's Kite Buggy Emporium - A site with good animations and how-to info. Loot out for the ANNOYING pop-ups, particularly the Gator spyware download!

X-Zone - A cool UK site with info about various traction sports...Lots of how-to info, event listings, etc.

Big Kite! - James Bromley's buggy site with more technique info and demo animations

The Saul Face-plant Video- What not to do with a Traction Kite!

Kite Works NZ- This is a retail site but it has the most amazing buggy and jumping videos...well worth a visit! - A good kite site with very good buggy how-to info

The Power Kite Site - This site has lots of traction kite info - Includes buggy instruction (In German) - No I don't speak German, but I included this site because it has some good illustrations for buggy instruction. If you can read the text, let me know what you think.

Dave Culp Speed Sailing - Dave Culp will will save the world with kites. This site will appeal to those interested in the practical applications of wind-powered transportation. - Spring Break Buggy Blast! A great event in the desert.