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kite retailers

Gomberg Kite Productions - David and Susan are a great source of unusual designs, giant kites and custom line laundry. David is also the author of great kites books, current and past president of the AKA and KTAI and kite ambassador to the world....Yes, it's a retail site, but it is also rich with kite content, safety info and the list goes on! Go There!....just go and see this site.

Wind Power Sports - The one and only...Run by another famous kite guru, Corey Jensen. Corey is your man for buggies and the low-down on Ivanpah Dry Lake.

Gone With The Wind Kites - Dan was a great resource for kites and advice at the right price

Powerline Sports - Andrew is your man for buggy, boarding and kitesurf gear...Andrew is a good friend, a great guy and an enthusiastic kite man. Powerline also provides kitesurfing lessons for you New Englanders. Tell him Mike from Nevnet sent you!

Big City Kites - The only store in NYC

Kitty Hawk Kites - This store has a great selection

Mainframe Kite Shop - Good store and nice people

Into The Wind - Nice print catalog and a good source for newbies.

The Kites Classifieds Page - Make it a daily habit! - An new kite retailer with a nice selection of single line, sport and traction kites.

kite distributors

CobraKites - Dist. of Skytiger, Flexifoil, Buggies, etc. A very informative site. Ray Merrie is a legendary kite innovator. He co-invented the Flexifoil! Read about it on his site.

kite manufacturers

Prism Kites - Great sportkite mfg. Mark Reid is a renown designer and flyer of sport kites. Buy an Illusion once you've learned the basics of 2 line flying.

Revolution Kites - The only serious quadline sport kite.

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