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Kite Fliers Site - Kite legend, Andrew Beattie's collaborative labor of love. Simply the world's best starting point for kite info!

Cyber Fighter Website - Cool site for fighter kites

Northwest Fighter Kite Association - Great resource for general info on fighter kites

EIJI OHASHI'S homepage - This is a great kite resource that includes both modern kites and a very large selection of tradtional Japanese kite photos from his collection. Eiji has written an excellent and beautiful series of books on tradtional Japanes kites. Check out the books at Kitelines bookstore

Japanese Kite Collection - Another great Japanese kite resource. - Good general kite info resource. Spans buggies to sportkites and losts of UK retail listings

Raindrop Kites - Helen makes lovely kites in the UK - The Lutter Brothers' Magazine-style Kite Site

Fly-Guy - Not really about kites, but a fun flash activity/game/greeting for days when you can't fly!